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Here's the thing...I have been an athlete my entire life. I grew up playing all the sports, I am a division 1 athlete, and I have been a member of every type of gym that has ever existed...but looking back over the span of my life I've realized that I was doing it all wrong. And for the wrong reasons.

It's always been more of a battle then it should have been.."staying on the wagon." Trying to prove something and trying to keep up. And every gym I belonged to was pushing that down my throat, further fueling my dysmorphia around movement and nutrition.
And that is how Rebel was born. It's everything I wish I had had in a fitness space, with ideals that are based on truth and integrity, not just what sells.

We are diet culture drop outs, we exercise because we love our bodies, not because we hate them, and we are empowered by the success of others in our tribe.

My staff and I work hard to create a space for finding peace with your body, discovering what true health looks and feels like, and most importantly...Finding your FIGHT. What is it that keeps you going, motivates you and lights your soul on fire? It's considered a rebellion in the fitness world, what we are doing..and we are here for it.

Join the Movement.

Much Love,

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