Group Classes

You Don’t Have to Train Alone

You need a Tribe, you need someone to hold you accountable, you need someone to push you. We get it – and that’s why group classes rule. We love to box, but our group classes don’t stop there – Rebel Fitness is set up to emulate a boxers workout, and they do it all to train: cardio, strength, push, pull, plyometrics, stretching, recovery. And the best part? From bell to bell, you don’t have to think about a thing – just keep going. Time to grind.

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At Rebel Fitness we want to help you find your fight. We have everything from beginners to professional fighters working out next to each other during our boxing and kickboxing classes. No matter your fitness level, we roll together and our trainers will be with you every step of the way. What are we training for? Life my friend…life. You may never plan to step into a ring, but we all need courage, determination, strength, and stamina just for our every day challenges. That’s what it means to be a fighter. Click on view schedule and select any class to try for free!

{High-intensity cardio based class consisting of a warmup, multiple rounds on a heavy bag with a core finisher}

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A woman sparring with a male trainer
A woman performing a high kick on a heavy bag


Our kids classes are rocking every Tuesday and Thursday after school for 60 mins! It is the perfect way to burn of energy from a day at their desks, and for them to learn the skill of boxing, along with the art of self control and following directions. Boxing is the perfect for any child, but especially those with low self esteem, or those struggling to find a sport they are passionate about. Bring them for a free class and we promise they'll be hooked! Click on view schedule and select any class to try for free!

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Lifting, toning, shaping, shredding...this class does it all, by slowing down movements and focusing on time under tension. Quality reps, less sweat, more strength and killer results. Couldn't beat that combo if you tried. Click on view schedule and select any class to try for free!

{A weightlifting class focusing on building lean muscle and an impressive physique through quality reps}

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Two women working out side by side inside of a gym


You have no idea the incredible workout that comes by combining HIIT training and body weight exercises. You will feel the burn, in the best possible way, light your metabolism on fire, and best of all get all those endorphins pumping during this amazing session. Click on view schedule and select any class to try for free!

{High Intensity class based on bodyweight exercises and high rep ranges to gain lean muscle mass and improve endurance}

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Our Bootcamp classes are the GOAT when it comes to a full body sweat sesh! Bootcamp style classes on their own will challenge you, but we've added on a micro focus to each class to take it a step further! Total Body Tone, Total Body Strength and Total Body Power...take your pick and FALL IN! Click on view class schedule and select any class to try for free!

{High intensity full body circuit training military style!}

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A woman performing yoga in a gym


Recovery is imperative to any fitness program, and quite often it's the most overlooked. At Rebel we prioritize taking care of our body and mind in every way...and that's where Yoga comes in. 60 mins of mind clearing, muscle lengthening, injury preventing, peaceful recovery. Jump into these sessions weekly and watch your training hit the next level. Click on view schedule and select any class to try for free!

{Recovery, mobility, mindset, and relaxation}

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Our self defense classes are the perfect combination of MMA technique, a little bit of ground and pound and a whole lot of bad a$$. Empower yourself with classes that not only help you rock out fitness goals, but also have you prepared for anything the comes your way.

{MMA style workout, gain strength and confidence while learning to protect and defend yourself}

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