At Rebel, we are into cutting through the toxic diet culture ideals that we have been trained to believe and getting straight to what's important. What is actually going to fuel your body? What supplements and food are going to help you manage stress, keep your thyroid and metabolism healthy, build lean muscle and not crash your entire system...that's what nutrition means to us. Want to get more info? Schedule a consult and we'll do a body composition scan, thorough interview and give you our recommendations for next steps!

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Navigating the world of supplements can be almost as confusing as doing your own taxes...but no worries, our staff will make sure you get the right recommendations for your goals. We will help you with everything from a great pre-workout to a quality Vitamin C that supports your thyroid and metabolism - and we'll only recommend based on your goals and budget.
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InBody Scan

The InBody 570 body composition scale is our secret weapon in getting results. It goes beyond traditional body composition analysis, measuring fat, muscle, total body water, basal metabolic rate and more. What's more, it helps us get past just setting "weight loss" goals for everyone. The scale gives you a one dimensional number, creates obsessive behaviors and just isn't a good tool for measuring health- so we ditched it years ago!

Each InBody Test will print out a full-page results sheet detailing everything we need to find you the right match for programs, nutrition and supplements! Real data drives real results!