I Wasn't Some Number

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You Will Not Find Another Gym Like It.

When I started at Rebel, I wasn’t just at my heaviest weight, I was living my unhealthiest lifestyle. I worked at desk all day, came home to sit on the couch for the rest of the day, and eating straight garbage all in between. I was living as if cancer didn’t come for my grandmother, my cousin, take my grandfather. Living as if diabetes, stroke and 3 heart attacks didn’t take my mother’s father, a heart attack claiming an uncle. Cut to April 2016, my father was hospitalized for congestive heart failure, and I started to fully see where my lifestyle was taking me, down the same path that took so many of my family members. I had to change. I’ve tried the big chain gyms before, get into a good rhythm and pattern but without any accountability, what minor success I’d find there was always short lived and never lasted. Rebel was unlike any chain gym I’ve tried, everyone there was equally invested in my health journey as I was. They genuinely wanted me to succeed. I was able to not just find a workout routine, but I was able to redirect my food choices and habits. There was an installed level of accountability with their holiday weight loss challenge that I was able to take part in. Over the 2019 holiday season I was able to go from 175 lbs to 163 lbs, and down 10% body fat. Since completing the holiday challenge at Rebel, I not only have been able to keep the weight down, but with the lifestyle change I was able to loose additional weight down to 148 lbs and holding. At Rebel, I wasn’t some member number, they knew my name; they knew who I was. And that level of intimacy was a massive part of my success. It’s an intimacy I have yet to find anywhere else.