Strong is the New Skinny

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Where to start?!? I wouldn’t call my story a success story…I am most definitely a WORK IN PROGRESS story with some successes along the way. My name is Jessica, and I am a 32-year-old working mom! My journey into fitness started many many years ago before I was a working mom, and I was just a college kid. I have tried every gym in this town, every “fad” diet there is, any quick fix to this “weight problem”. When I joined Carissa and her TRIBE little did, I know I would be joining her family. I was spotty when I first started working out. Finding every excuse there was…I’m tired, I’m sore, it’s raining, the suns too bright today!! I loved my time with her staff as they have ALWAYS been accepting of me and all my excuses and my kids. She loves my kids about as much as I do. Not only does she love them, but her staff does also too and that right there means the world to me!! I have learned so much about fitness and the workouts needed to reach the goals that I have. But more importantly I have learned to love my relationship with food and slowly loving the relationship with my body. I have found the best personal trainer, Shemar, who pushes me to be my best and holds me accountable for the choices that I make. He has helped me realize that success doesn’t happen overnight, eating good for 2 days will not show you results, and the harder you work the more you will see the results you want! I want to show my kids what a healthy relationship with food and your body looks like and Carissa has helped me do that for my family. I have gained such an amazing family and I couldn’t be happier about my decision to join Carissa and her TRIBE because they are my TRIBE too!! #TRIBESTRONG #GIRLGANG #SQUADGOALS #STRONGISTHENEWSKINNY